Bread Bike Delivery Services In the UK

Many of us can remember times of baking bread with our mom’s and the tantalising aroma which promised a treat of fresh bread butter and jam. Most of us are too busy these days to be baking our own bread, and rely on creative entrepreneurs to deliver fresh bread to us. There are people who bake their own bread and deliver the bread to people who sign up for this service. These people appreciate not having to shop for bread in-store, but to rather have fresh, ‘baked-today’ bread delivered to their door.

 shutterstock_440995525Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

There are some bakery shops who have learned of these bicycle deliveries and their popularity, and they have started adding a bike delivery service to their offerings as well. There are different loaves of bread too, but they’re always fresh. Some have special ingredients in them, some are made with no additives and preservatives, some are white and some are brown. Delivering by bicycle means savings for the baker, and there are no traffic jams to delay a delivery. The bread simply travels safely and protected through the city and gets to where it’s needed quickly.

Serving a Dual Purpose

Both bread and pastries are loaded into special baskets and trays with lids. The day starts early to ensure the bread and pastries arrive fresh. The morning rush doesn’t deter them. They’ve caught on because they go where vans can’t go. Some of these bike delivery services are so popular that they’ve been forced to separate their bread boxes, one-half for bread loaves, and the other packed full with takeaway sandwiches. People in the UK are delighted with bread bike deliveries because they serve a dual purpose – you get good food delivered on time and they know that their food was delivered in an eco-friendly manner as well.