Difference between the handmade and machine made bread

Difference between the handmade and machine made bread

Well, making bread is, of course, not everyone’s cup of tea and it seriously needs an extra effort to do it with the excellence. Despite the fact that in which process of bread making you are involved in, it still takes the same effort. However, there is the difference between both the process and you must know if you are indulged into the bread making process.

The differences

Making the bread using the machine is done in the same way it is done when you make it with hands. The differences come in whenbread_wikimedia_scott-bauer you are adding the mixings and baking.

When you make the bread, the entire process takes place in the machine apart from one or two like the mixing, the rising, and the baking, but when it comes to the hand making process, it differs as it has to be mixed the dough is kneaded for about 10 to 20 minutes. In case, if you are using the mixer for the process, then it may take 4 to 5 minutes.

The quality

Well, many assume that the quality of the bread made in both the process remains the same even though the process of hand making takes a lot of time. But, many consider and state that there is a huge difference between both the bread.

The use of yeast

The use of the yeast used in the machine is different from the yeast used in the handmade process. As the dough is kneaded through hands while making it through hands, the yeast is used differently and this is the reason that why both of these pieces of bread have their own unique taste.

So, now you know the basic differences between the machine and handmade bread so now you can make your decision of buying the right sort for you.